Non-prescription hearing aids are available in two different styles. The most popular device, the Over-The-Ear (OTE) slips behind the upper portion of the ear. Canal devices or In-The-Canal (ITC), insert into the ear canal are available in an mini, all-soft body style. Click on one of the following links to jump directly to the main page for that device. When ordering, be sure to check all option boxes that apply to that device such as left or right and color selection (if applicable). Both devices are available with digital push button control or manual volume control.

Now Available! Hi-Fidelity OTE devices - the musicians' choice! The Simplicity SD works with a size 10 battery and the EP uses a #312 battery that offers double the battery life over a #10 battery.


ote-on-ear-lg.pngsimplicitymainleft.pngSimplicity OTE

- Hides behind ear 
- Doesn't interfere with glasses  
- Comfortably fits men and women  
- Trial period, money-back guarantee

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simply-20soft-20st-20hearing-20aid-20pair-20male.jpgsimply-soft-main.pngSimply Soft   

  - 100% digital  
  - Slips into ear canal 
  - Hypoallergenic soft body   
  - Comfortably fits men and women  
  - Trial period, money-back guarantee

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Tranquil Tinnitus Sound Generators




Tranquil I devices are standard with manual volume control and option of either White or Pink noise. Tranquil II devices have a single toggle switch that allows the user to switch between White or Pink noise and volume is incremental in 1 dB steps to aid those with hyperacusis. Both circuit options are also available in the Simply Tranquil soft device that is designed for patients who need to sleep over night with their devices.


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