Loss and Damage Warranty Plan

Loss and Damage Warranty Plan

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Terms and Conditions for Readywear Express Supplemental Loss and Damage Plan*:


  • Supplemental Loss and Damage Plan must be purchased within 30 days of the purchase of the hearing aid
  • Customer pays $50/hearing aid ($85/pair) at time of purchase (if the plan is not used, the $50 for one unit($85 for the pair) is non-refundable)
  • Loss and Damage Plan is good for 1 year
  • A $175/hearing aid deductible will be collected at the time of claim (makes total purchase $225/unit)
  • Customer will receive the exact same product (no change of circuits, styles, or sides)
  • Replacement hearing aids cannot be returned for credit to Readywear Express. 
  • Replacement hearing aids come with a 6 month warranty, any repairs done under the loss and Damage plan also come with a 6 month warranty
  • If a lost heraing aids is replaced, a new plan can be purchased for the replacement hearing aid for an additional $50/year 
  • Loss and Damage plan is per device and can only be used once
  • Additional years of L&D can be purchased anytime while the product is still under L&D coverage
  • The “Lost or Damaged” hearing aid will have its serial number flagged so as to not allow for future servicing of the product. Any units with a flagged serial number will be confiscated if sent in for future service work.
  • Policy is only good for Simplicity,  Simply Soft, or Simply Slim Products
  • Readywear Express reserves the right to deny the purchase of a Loss and Damage Plan for products that are discontinued or obsolete
  • Attempts to fraudulently claim a L&D warranty will incur an additional $200 penalty fee and voiding of any other L&D policies purchased by the customer.


Call 1-877-763-8327 to Purchase


*Purchase of this Loss & Damage policy constitutes a contract by which the customer agrees to abide by all terms and conditions listed above.  Failure to abide by these conditions may result in the voiding of the Loss & Damage policy by Readywear Express.