Sound Generators

Relax all day and night with the soothing sounds of Escape!

When you're in need of calming, relaxing sounds while at work, home, or even while sleeping, the Escape brand of sound generators can bring a level of calmness back to your daily life. Escape sound generators are made from medical quality components and are hand assembled right here in the USA. They offer reliable, pure white noise available in two popular styles.

The Escape over-the-ear (OTE) discreetly slips behind the ear and features a micro-poly tube that will not interfere with eye glasses. Unlike economy or imported devices that use disposable foam tips, our soft dome allows constant air flow which allows you to hear surrounding sounds naturally.

The Escape canal features our patented soft, medical-grade silicone body that is so comfortable you can even sleep with it in your ear. It's mini canal size fits inside the ear canal and has an oversize vent to prevent any "plugged up" sensation.

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