Payment plan

Terms of Payment Plan


  • Payment plan is available on new hearing aids only. Only available by contacting one of our customer service associates at 1-877-763-8327. Not available for on line orders.

  • Payment via credit card will be done in 4 installments.

  • Installment #1 will be for half the total amount + shipping. This first installment will be paid at the time of purchase

  • The remaining balance will be broken into 3 equal monthly installments, to be paid on the 30th , 60th , and 90th day from date of purchase

  • A $5.00 processing fee will be included in each of the 3 final payments for a total processing fee of $15.00. There will be no interest charged for the transaction. Only the processing fee. (Example: The total amount paid on a $400 hearing aid would be: $400 + $15= $415 + shipping)

  • There is no penalty for early payoff

  • The payments will be made using the credit card provided at time of purchase.

  • If the hearing aids are returned for credit, the amount credited to the customer will be equal to the amount paid to date minus shipping charges and any processing fees paid.

  • If a balance goes unpaid after the 90th day, the hearing aid/aids will be flagged as delinquent. No service work will be done until the balance is paid in full.