Programming Details

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 Optimize your hearing aid for only

          $150/ea or $250/pair

 Questions?   Call 1-(504) 442-4999



Programming details and policies
for OTC devices:

  1. Offer only available to customers that have purchased the following hearing aids; Simplicity Smart touch or Simplicity Premier.   

  2. Customer must e-mail or fax a copy of a current audiogram performed by a licensed hearing health professional to Readywear Express (RWE).  Audiology exam cannot be more than 6 months old.  Hearing test will be evaluated and must be approved by RWE audiology staff before sending in hearing aid. Fax to 504-733-3799 or email to  Write “Programming” in the subject line. Make sure to include your name and e-mail address or fax number.

  3.   Charge is $150/hearing aid.  $250/pair

  4.   If the hearing loss is out of fitting range for the product based on the current hearing test 
      results, RWE can refuse to program

  5.   The customer pays for shipping.

  6.   Programming will be set via software Autofit.  If customer finds “programmed hearing aids” to be  
      unacceptable, the customer can pay for units to be sent back and it will be reset to default (original
      setting).  Adjustments deviating from program Autofit will not be performed.

  7.  If unit is sent in to return to default program or Return for Credit the customer will be refunded the money  paid for programming minus $50/hearing aid ($75/pair) for handling


IF the hearing test is approved please send the hearing aid with a copy of the hearing test to :

           Readywear Express

           175 Brookhollow 

           Harahan, LA   70123


Please allow approximately 3 business days once RWE receives the hearing aid(s) for completion of programming.