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What Are ReadyWear Devices?

This refers to a group of non-prescription or direct-to-consumer hearing devices made for people who have a typical mild-to-moderate hearing loss. Designed for people who are considering amplification for the first time, but are not ready to make a commitment to custom devices.

If you or a loved one have been considering hearing amplification, discover how ReadyWear hearing devices can help you!

All devices sold on ReadyWear Express website are hand-assembled in the USA by SoftTouch Labs. Our devices are made with same quality components as sold by professionals. Simply Soft and Simplicity are trusted brand name devices currently sold by hearing professionals and retailers.

Now you can rediscover the joy of hearing at a very affordable price with financial no-risk.
• 100% money-back guarantee
• 30 trial period (triple industry standard!)
• 1 year warranty
• Fits mild-to-moderate hearing loss
• Free unlimited customer support


Which device is best for me?

Adults who feel they need help with their vision quite often start with non-prescription reading glasses. ReadyWear hearing devices offer a similar opportunity to start with hearing amplification.

Simplicity OTE (over the ear) devices fit discreetly over and behind the ear and offer amplification for a mild-to-moderate hearing loss. This device works well for those who can hear in very quiet surroundings but have difficulty in noisy environments.  This most popular design features a micro poly tube that delivers natural sound amplification to the ear while remaining virtually invisible.

Simply Soft (canal) devices are ultra-soft hearing devices patented by General Hearing. These devices are made from medical silicone that provide a very comfortable fit even for an extended period of time. They continuously flex with jaw movement so they won’t slip out while talking or chewing. They are also hypoallergenic for those who may have skin sensitivity issues. Simply Soft devices offer amplification for a mild-to-moderate hearing loss and are designed for those who have mild difficulty hearing in quiet and noisy environments.

simply-soft.pngBoth devices are 100% digital which allows you to select between one of four memories that best suit your current listening environment with a quick press of a button!

When trying hearing amplification for the first patient! Your hearing loss didn't occur overnight so it will take a little time to adjust to hearing certain sounds again. If ordering a single device, consider a device for the other ear which will provide a sense of balanced hearing and require less overall volume (amplification) from your device.

Questions about the devices?
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