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Product Overview

Complete OTE travel accessory kit for maintenance of Simplicity and Hi-Fidelity OTE hearing devices. Each kit includes batteries, cleaning tool, spare storage pouch, Simply Clean hearing aid spray cleaner, and one pair of replacement micro-poly tubes and domes. When ordering, be sure to specify men's or women's tube size.

  • One pair of factory original replacement micro poly tubes and domes
  • Includes a pair of both medium size and large size G.H.I. factory original sound domes
  • A convenient hearing aid pouch keeps your hearing aids safe and clean when they're not in use
    Pouches are a velour material and are lined with a soft padding to protect your investment from scratches or damage while inside your purse or pocket. The pouches also have a velcro closure to keep your hearing aid securely stored inside.
  • Fresh batteries are the most important hearing aid supplies, the men’s Simplicity Travel Accessory Kit comes with three 6 packs (approx. 6 month supply) of zinc air hearing aid batteries, size 10A
  • Pouches come in cloth and are lined with soft padding to protect your hearing aid; Pouches often come with a closure to keep the hearing aid safely secured inside
  • Simply Clean™, cleaner and deodorizer, keeps hearing aids and earmolds clean and smelling fresh; Small, compact 2 oz. size is ideal
  • Combination cleaning tool with brush and magnet keeps hearing aids clean; Long, plastic wire to easily clean open fit tubes and domes
  • The durable zippered travel case is perfect whether you’re carrying it in a purse, toiletry bag, or briefcase



(No reviews yet) Write a Review